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Sample applications for programmers

  • PosApp demonstrates how a credit card payment processor might use Striim to generate reports on current transaction activity by merchant and send alerts when transaction counts for a merchant are higher or lower than average for the time of day. This application is explained in greater detail than the other two, so you should read about it first. The posApp.tql file is also the more extensively commented of the two.

  • MultiLogApp demonstrates how Striim could be used to monitor and correlate logs from web and application server logs from the same web application.

The source code and data for the sample applications are installed with the server in …/Striim/Samples. You may also download them from or

The alternative PosAppThrottled.tql and MultiLogAppThrottled.tql versions introduce delays in the parsing of the source streams in order to simulate real-time data in the dashboards. See the comments in those TQL files for more information.