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SNMP configuration

This sample snmpd.conf will cause SNMP to collect system information and send it to the receiver of the sample application discussed in SNMPParser.

rocommunity  public
# Default SNMPV3 user name
agentSecName disman
# Creating user, this user will be used by 'monitor' process to fetch system metrics.
createUser disman MD5 sercrt@1
# Setting user to have read only access to system metrics.
rouser disman auth
# SNMPV1 trap destination.
trapsink public
# Instruct agent to monitor disk space
disk / 50% 
# Instruct agent to monitor CPU load.
load 1 1 1
# Setting up monitoring job to send alert/trap message.
monitor -S -D -r 5 -i sysName.0 -i hrSystemDate.0 -i sysUpTime.0 -o ifIndex 
  -o ifSpeed -o ifHighSpeed  -o ifPhysAddress -o ifInOctets -o ifInUcastPkts -o ifInDiscards 
  -o ifInErrors -o ifOutOctets -o ifOutUcastPkts -o ifOutDiscards -o ifOutErrors 
  -o ifOperStatus "Interface Details" ifOutOctets 0 0

Multiple remote hosts may be configured to send to the same trap destination.