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Salesforce Platform Event Reader

Reads Salesforce platform events (user-defined notifications) using a subscription model (see Delivering Custom Notifications with Platform Events).

This adapter is based on Salesforce Reader. The output type and data type support are the same. The properties are the same, except for the following:Salesforce Reader

  • Mode and Polling Interval: Since platform events use a subscription model, these properties are omitted. Platform events are received as they are published by Salesforce.

  • Event Name: Specify the name of the platform event to subscribe to. The account associated with the authToken must have View All Data permission for the platform event. Any fields added to the platform event while the reader is running will be ignored.

  • Replay From (default value Earliest): With the default value, will read all platform events currently in the retention window. To read only new events, set to Tip. To start reading from a specific point in the retention window, set to a valid ReplayID value (see Platform Event Fields.

  • sObjects: Omitted since this adapter reads platform events, not sObjects.

When the output of this adapter is the input for DatabaseWriter and other table-based targets, events are insert-only. (Since platform events are one-time notifications, it does not make sense to update or delete them.)

Recovery (see Recovering applications) is supported provided that Striim is restarted within 24 hours, the length of time Salesforce holds events in the retention window.