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Salesforce Push Topic Reader

Reads Salesforce sObject data using a PushTopic subscription (see Salesforce's Streaming API Developer Guide).

This gives you the latest data sooner than SalesforceReader. Note, however, that Salesforce restricts use of PushTopics in various ways, including limiting how many events you can read in a day and how many PushTopics you can create. See the PushTopic section of Streaming API Allocations for details.

This adapter is based on Salesforce Reader. The output type and data type support are the same. The properties are the same, except for the following:Salesforce Reader

  • Mode and Polling Interval: Since this uses a subscription model, these properties are omitted. sObject data is received as it is published by Salesforce.

  • PushTopic: The PushTopic to subscribe to. You must also specify the sObject to be read. (To read multiple sObjects from a PushTopic, create a source for each.) The account associated with the authToken must have View All Data permissions for both the PushTopic and the sObject. 

  • Replay From (default value Earliest): With the default value, will read all events currently in the PushTopic retention window. To read only new events, set to Tip. To start reading from a specific point in the retention window, set to a valid ReplayID value (see Message Durability).

  • SObject: the standard or custom object to read, for example, Account or Business_C (the account associated with the authToken must have View All Data permission for the object)

Recovery (see Recovering applications) is supported provided that Striim is restarted within 24 hours, the length of time Salesforce holds events in the retention window.